2012 February/March - 1000km Trip

February 26th., 2012 @11:45am
As I was driving on Karak High Way form KL to Kelantan last Sunday morning this particular VW Golf TSi driver seemed to start bullying me from approximately 500m before Genting Sempah Tunnel. I could not drive faster due to road hoggers in front. But this bugger kept on cucuking me. Nanti ko!

After several hundred meters emerging out of the tunnel I moved over to the left lane to give way, thinking that the VW Golf TSi driver was in a hurry for something. But not quite.

The itchy VW Golf TSi driver was then started to 'cucuk' a modded BMW320i. Then all of a sudden I involuntarily  decided to join the party.... at the beginning there were too many road hoggers in front before I found enough stretch to smoke them all.

layaaannn lah sesekali sekala!! ... but I don't normally drive this way on public road, unless otherwise...

March 2nd., 2012
Could not sleep well so I decided to push off from Machang  just after mid-night (alone). It was Friday nite... soo scarry and  I also knew that it was not a good timing. There would be a lot of buses and trucks ahead to be cleared off for comfort. The best time to leave should be around 2:00am actually*.

As expected, there were lots of buses in front. Not easy to overtake those buses sometimes, for instance this particular double decker bus was speeding at more than 120kph on trunk road between GMusang and KLipis around 3:00am! .

Not sure whether it was driven by a human... (or ET?)... very scary and had forced me to push my car insanely fast  in order to overtake and pull away.

Anyway, two wrongs didn't make things right!

*An ADVICE to "Night Riders" travelling on Federal Route #8
If you are driving at night on Federal Route #8 towards Karak Highways (say, from KB to KL) make sure to schedule your departure in order to arrive at Bentung Toll Plaza AFTER 5:30am. Otherwise your journey would be obstructed by heavy vehicles (lorries and busses)... and NOT LATER than 6:30am to be at that Toll Plaza so that your ETA around KL is before 7:00am to avoid traffic congestion. Normally I pushed off from Machang any time between 1:30am to 2:00am for non-stop driving to arrive Bentung Toll Plaza around 5:45am to 6:15am.

Route #8

Last weekend however I started the journey much earlier (at mid-night) and expected to stop somewhere along the way for dinner for an hour or so, unfortunately I could not find any suitable restaurant or warong of my taste..., as a result I was caught in traffic congestion around 3:15am @ Padang Tengku.