2011 November - 1500km Trip

Just returned home from 1500+km round trip to the East Coast and Southern States of Malayan Peninsular.

1500KM (nov 2011)  TRIP

DAY 1: November 5th/6th, 2011
SKV-KLipis-GMusang-Machang (453km)

Pushed off from home in SKV. At the beginning the car was OK. However, after entering PLUS and during hard acceleration there was an indication of "something abnormal" with the turbo pressure.

Due to uncertainty about the engine condition, I decided to reroute the trip. Instead of driving north to Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highlands [E1 & Route #59] I detoured towards Karak Highway [E8] and continued driving in auto-cruise mode at speed limits for 42km. Arrived at Gombak Toll Plaza about 30 minutes later.

After the toll plaza I started to build up speed little-by-little while observing if there is some irregularities in turbo pressure. After everything was OK, I started to drive as usual like a typical long distance nite-rider does... not too fast though.

The last ascend before Genting Sempah Tunnel. The car was getting better. The torque was strong as before... handling was superb.

Entered Genting Sempah Tunnel.

It took 35 minutes to drive from Bangi Exit to Genting Sempah Tunnel. Then continued driving leisurely at moderate speeds all the way to Machang, Kelantan.

Arrived at Machang Interchange safely!

Despite of turbo pressure loss at the beginning, and at a few more occasions along Day-1 Trip it took less than 5 hrs to drive from SKV to Machang. Otherwise it would have taken just slightly a few minutes over 4 hours. 

Be a nite-rider to arrive at destinations earlier, safely! ha haaa...


DAY 2: November 7th, 2011

I had to cancel driving around Kelantan due to the infamous Raya-Time traffic jams - despite of being the state with the largest number of car in-flux during festive and holidays, Kelantan is the only state in Malaysia that does not have inter-city double-carriage way yet. I was also worried the turbo pressure would give problems there. There is no feline authorised  SC in Kelantan.

Left Machang on Route #4 towards PPutih and drove south along Route #3. The traffic was getting congested.

Left Route #3 and detour towards Pantai Penarik on routes T140 and T1. Suddenly total loss in turbo pressure. Had to drive slow again before stopped at Pantai Penarik [N5 30.960 E102 58.939] for 15minutes to take a few photo shots...

Pantai Penarik, Terengganu

Continued driving south along beautiful coastal road T1 before going south-west on T9. It was drizzling.

Entered the newly opened ECE2 at Ajil interchange. Enjoying the scenery...

Arrived at Kuantan near RMAF base. Dinner was ready. Spent overnite there.


DAY 3 - November 8th., 2011
Kuantan-Pekan-Endau-Mersing-KTinggi-JB (374km)

Turbo pressure failure persists. Left Kuantan and drove the car in AutoCruise mode at speed limits on the new Route #3 [Jalan Sultan Abu Bakar], double carriage expressway connecting Kuantan and Pekan.

Stopped at vintage town, between Pekan and Nenasi for about 40 minutes to snap a few frames of photo...

Vintage Coffee Shop at Nenasi, Pahang

Vintage town of Nenasi, Pahang

...then continued driving south along Route #3.

Stopped over by the seaside at Kuala Rompin for 20 minutes for another photo session ...

Rhu at Kuala Rompin


...then continued driving towards Endau. Suddenly 'Depollution Fault' displayed. Continued driving at very slow pace in auto-cruise.

Stopped for 30 minutes at Pantai Pasir Laun [Pirate Sand Beach?] about 18km to the SE of Endau town.

1A087928 Endau

Endau - Pantai Pasir Lanun

Contacted a SC in KL for advice what to do and to ask whether it is OK to continue driving without turbo pressure and with 'depollution fault' warning on. I was suggested to drive at slow pace to a SC in JB [160km/100miles away] for a diagnosis to find out what went wrong. I had to cancel the trip/stay overnite at Desaru.

Continued driving south by taking a new untracked bypass road.

I've submitted the tracklogs to Malfreemap where most Garmin and Papago users in Malaysia & Singapore get the latest routable maps for their GPS's. I'm one of the "valued contributors" to the Malsingmaps and Malfreemaps mapping communities since 2007. Probably I have submitted thousands of km of new road track-logs to date. Hopefully this is my 'amal jariah' to everyone who uses GPS navigation to drive on Malaysia Roads.

While driving between Mersing and JB there were a few occasions when turbo pressure returns but not for long enough to enjoy it...


Arrived at the feline SC in JB. It was lunch hour and I was told to return and drive in straight away into "ICU" any time after 1400hrs. No documentation required for the emergency case. Excellent. So I went to lunch first with my son.


Drove the car into "ICU" for a complete diagnosys. Found out there is a "communication problem" between AL4 gearbox and the engine control unit [ECU]. The ECU did not get info when there is upshift from 1st gear. Such input is required to request the ECU to boost up turbo pressure and to inject more fuel wrt to the load and throttle position, hence incorrect air-fuel mixture. The problem was resolved. I was too happy and didn't bother to ask how did they rectify it.

'Loss in Turbo Pressure' problem resolved. Back to normal except high end of the power band was not at its best. Century accel. also defecit by 200ms. Nevertheless not too bad.

what the datalogger shows...

Drove the car to a sister house in Taman Impian Emas, about 15km away to spend a nite before continuing trip to the southernmost point of Asia Mainland.


DAY 4 - November 9th., 2011
JB-Piai Cape-Pontian-BPahat-Muar-Melaka-SKV [371km]

Left JB. Driven by 'co-pilot' to Piai Cape. Stopped over for a photo tour in the mangrove reserve for 2 hrs...


Piai Cape Mangrove Researve


Piai Cape Mangrove Researve

... and then continued driving north along coastal road all the way to Batu Pahat before we stopped for Lunch. Then I took back the steering wheel and drove up north.

1605hrs Arrived home safely but the car looked dirty as if it had not been cleaned for more than one month. Parked the car on backyard patio indefinitely... I was too tired then.

Tanjung Piai Johor

Over all Fuel Consumption for the entire 1584km trip:
RM262 [136.5 liters of RON95]

Heavy Fuel Consumption [loss turbo pressure]
The overall average fuel consumption normally was around 7.5liter/100km for similar trip i.e 1 liter less for every 100km. Still not too bad for a sick feline being 'forced' to run more than 600km w/o enough air to breath in though.