Living Green

(This is my first post after retirement... previous posts will be made available later)

The word "green" is not just a color. It is a symbolic representation of our nature, our planet, our earth, our ecosystems.


To live green or become greener means adopting a certain way of thinking and living our existence that will impact our lives on many levels; personal, social, economical, environmental and all interplay and interconnect to have significant impact and long-term consequences on our future and the planet.

To live green means to live a sustainable lifestyle that won't deplete or pollute the earth's natural resources--and to find ways to replenish or recycle these resources and materials.

To be green means to preserve and to protect our environments and our planet.


The key to change is first awareness about the issues/problems and then education. A child can start to live green even before he or she is born. The parents or guardians are role models and mentors who have already made the changes and adopted a green lifestyle. This will INSTILL GREEN VALUES and influence the child at the earliest possible age; and as they grow to understand and live the green lifestyle - they will pass it on to future generations.

I'll go and explore in a meaningful way and be involved with wildlife and nature. I'll take kids to forests and parks and introduce them to the wonders of our planet.


p/s I'm no supporter of the GREEN sky (with full moon in the foreground)  though....